greenswitchOne convenient slide of the GreenSwitch puts you in control of your electricity usage. You designate which outlets and lights are affected by the system. Dual control outlets allow you to customize each one.
The simple WIRELESS GreenSwitch system sends a signal to all designated light switches, outlets, and thermostats to automatically turn them off. GreenSwitch turns your air conditioning/heating system to an unoccupied, more energy efficient temperature.
The system is completely WIRELESS and can easily be retrofitted in an existing building or added to new construction.

Switch to GreenSwitch and start saving on your energy cost today…in hotel rooms, offices, homes, restaurants, and more!


Simply have guests use their keycard to power up their rooms. When they leave or check out, they remove the keycard and the power goes off (HVAC goes to an unoccupied setting). It’s simple and saves energy and money!


GreenSwitch substantially extends the life of your business electronics and air conditioning/heating systems by reducing runtime. When your business shuts down for the day, weekend, or holiday, just flip one switch to save energy and money!


Flip the GreenSwitch on in the morning or when you return home after work and you are powered up as usual. When you go to work, retire for the night, or leave for vacation, just flip one switch. It’s that simple to save energy and money!