Electrical equipment failure is a leading cause of fire in businesses and can lead to downtime which costs thousands of dollars. What would you pay to prevent this from happening? Thermographic inspections done with an annual maintenance schedule will reduce the risk of electrical equipment failure.

Thermographic inspections enable a powerful non-invasive method to monitor and diagnose the condition of electrical equipment. Quickly identify problem areas that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Results are captured and documented instantly into professional reports, providing tangible proof of deficiencies.



Our Infrared Camera will show any hot spots within your electrical system. Our Certified Thermographic Inspectors are licensed electricians able to identify the abnormal heat variations and analyze the origin of the electrical malfunction.

This inspection gives you the opportunity to prevent further complications before they interrupt operations or put you at risk for a catastrophic failure.


Our services don’t stop with merely finding potential problems. We will fix any issues found and provide final inspections and reports showing equipment is working properly.
Certified Thermographic Preventative Inspections Provide the Following Benefits:

  • Reduced Risk of Electrical Fire
  • Reduced Production Downtime
  • Reduced Insurance Claims/Premiums

Extended Life of Electrical Equipment